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What our Fans are Sayin'



Makoa is such a sweet boy who loves to just go out and play! I met Makoa when he was two years old and I always knew he was a natural baseball player. He loved to hit and took it very seriously for such a young one! He makes my day every day that I get to play catch with him.

Gavin & the Wells Family

Gavin is the type of kid who is ALWAYS excited to see you. He can't wait to tell you something new about his impressive  adventures. Gavin has done t-ball & soccer but I still think snacks are his favorite part of the day. Every time I see Gavin and his family, I know it's going to be a good day. They are awesome!

Nesto & Santi

Nesto and Santi are newcomers to Pley Sports soccer but they have fit right in since day one! They both have big personalities and at the end of the day they just want everyone to have fun playing soccer. If I don't watch out, they might just take my job as coach.


AJ is longest tenured Pley Sports participant. He has grown so much since his first days in soccer at the YMCA. His laughter and energy light up the field! He shows the kids and the adults what it means to have a fun time!

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