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What does it mean to


Pley means engaging young people, from toddlers to teens, in enjoyable physical activity in order to create and continue healthy lifestyles. 

Physical Literacy

Just like reading a book, physical activity is something that has to be learned and practiced in order to develop the skills necessary to become active for life. Before you learn to read you need to learn the alphabet. Before you can learn to shoot a jump shot you have to learn to jump. The development of these skills enables individuals to make active life choices that will benefit them in more ways than just succeeding in sport.


In order to learn the basic skills involved with physical literacy, one must acquire a deep interest in the activity first. Each of our programs are uniquely structured to maximize our participants' attention and ultimately their enjoyment. Our approach comes from years of experience, coaching and leading groups of chldren and teens of all ages.


Pley Sports is dedicating to serving youth of all backgrounds. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in sports, there is always an activity for you.


The goal is to develop our young ones, to create a healthier and more productive future for them. It is our duty to give all of our youth an opportunity to be healthy and active contributors to society.


Hi I'm Coach John! I am a North County native who grew up in Vista. I love what I do and I want to spread my knowledge with the world. Read more about my story and our other coaches:

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At Pley, our goal is to equip our young ones with the tools that will allow them to become well rounded adults. Sport is about more than just getting exercise and competing against your friends. Sports build necessary life skills that range from teamwork to leadership to communication. Through physical activity, we aspire to create healthy and productive contributors to society.


Through organized sports, individuals learn to use their whole bodies making them literate in physical movement. Once you have learned essential athletic movements, you can take on any active sport from soccer to rock climbing. We want our youth enjoy taking on new physical activities. It is not about becoming the next star athlete, but if that is your goal then we will help you with that as well. We serve our young athletes in a progressive model. The intensity increases as you become more experienced. What we never do is turn someone away from an active lifestyle because their skills are not as advanced.

Physical literacy and engagement is the means to a brighter future of human development for our youth.

Pley H.A.R.D.

Hustle in everything you do.


Attitude defines who you are.


Respect your peers, parents, coaches, and environment.


Dedicate yourself to your craft.

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