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Our job as coaches is to be leaders and role models for the next generation of athletes  We strive to guide, nurture and inspire young minds and bodies.

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Owner/ Coach John LEAL

Pley sports was started long before I started coaching organized sports or leading classes. For me, Pley sports started when I would gather my friends to play football and soccer at the local elementary school or when I would play wiffle ball in the backyard with my brothers. I just loved running around outside with my friends. It didn't matter what we were doing, as long as we were being active, a bit competitive, and having fun. Through the years, I have learned to love all sports. I have played and coached at every level. I played baseball at California Lutheran University for four years, coached baseball and soccer for three years, and coordinated and led youth sports programs at the YMCA for one year. My experience with children drives me to create engaging sports programs. Through sports, I have gained lifelong friends and have learned a lifetime of lessons about leadership, teamwork, attitude, and effort.





Hello! I moved to Oceanside in June 2019 from Southern Illinois and I am currently a student at Mira Costa College. Sports have always been a major part of my life. I started playing soccer at three years old, continued to play rec, club, and school soccer through my
junior year of high school. I played basketball and volleyball in my elementary years. I also did track and cross country throughout my middle and high school career. I volunteered as a coach for our elementary soccer league in my hometown. I participated in powderpuff football my junior and senior year and was the first female kicker on the boys football team at my high school.  My goal as a coach is to create an environment in which the children grow to love the sport, desire to play it and make amazing memories doing it! All kids need is a
little help and someone who truly believes in them.


I have played sports my entire life and would always participate in pickup games as a kid eager to learn. I am a student at Cal State San Marcos. I am studying to become a psychology major and find that working with children has really taught me patience as well as having a fun, energetic approach to teaching. I have a lot of passion for sports as it has shaped me into the person that I am today teaching me how to be a leader as well as working well with others to accomplish what you want. I look to be playing sports well into my adult years and hope to help build a passion for the younger kids to want to do the same.

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