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City of San Marcos CAMPS

Summer Camps 2024

Registration opens April 9th!

Pley Sports offers a wide variety of sports camps during the summer season. Our experienced coaches focus on fun and fundamentals! All campers receive a Pley Sports Jersey! 

Half Day Camps run from 9AM-12PM or 1-4PM and full day camps are 9AM-3PM for ages 5-12. We also have a rookies amp for ages 4-6!


camp descriptions

Soccer Camp: The world's most popular sport and for good reason! We have created fun and engaging drills and games to accommodate for all skill levels. This camp will introduce your child to the essential movements, rules, and tactics involved in the game of soccer.

Baseball Camp: It's time to hit some bombs and make diving plays. This camp focuses on developing hand eye coordination, proper hitting and throwing mechanics while incorporating fun games like home run derby and wiffle ball!

Flag Football Camp: Learn to run routes, catch first downs and take your football skills to the next level. This camp incorporates fun drills and active games to teach kids the most important skills of football.

Rookies Camp: Sports aren't just for the big kids! The little ones get to take on the world of sports in this camp that will cover multiple sports from soccer and flag football to capture the flag and relay races.

Basketball Camp: Improve your ball handling, shooting and defensive skills in this high energy camp. Basketball is not only a super fun sport but also amazing exercise that will be sure to tire your kid out! 

Extreme Sports Camp: Break away from the more traditional sports with this super fun camp! Games will include dodgeball, capture the flag, crazy kickball, obstacle courses and more! 

Volleyball Camp: Volleyball is growing in popularity every day among both boys and girls. By implementing fun games and drills, your child will learn how to bump, set, and spike the volleyball! 

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