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  • What does my child need to bring?
    For soccer, nothing is required but shin guards and cleats are highly recommended. The players will scrimmage after the first session where they will have some contact with other players and the ball. All players should be wearing close-toed shoes and athletic wear (e.g. athletic shrts or pants) Players are allowed to bring their own ball for any program but the coach will provide them, if needed.
  • Where do they need to meet?
    All players should head to the soccer field or basketball court after the last bell. There will be a coach there to sign them in each day. The coach will also check them out with the specified form of pick up listed on the registration form.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Camps are 2 hours long. This includes a short snack break along with plenty of water breaks mixed in. Each practice will consist of an 45 min training session followed by a short 10-15 min snack break and a 30 min scrimmage. Players will be placed in groups based on age and skill level. For more specific info on the schedule, please refer to the selected program or the flyer.
  • What if my child is enrolled in an AM/PM program?
    First, make sure to specify this in the "pick up" section of the registration form. You can also leave an additional note to specify any special details. Students can come from an AM/PM program and our coaches will drop them off when the practice is completed. If the child is in kinder, please inform the AM/PM program and we can coordinate with them to have the child escorted to the practice field.
  • Do the parents need to be there?
    No, it is not required! But all parents are welcome to stay and watch!
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